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On the part of Qinfix, we appreciate your valuable services for our operation; As an integral part of the Internal and External control and communication systems, it is necessary to comply with several guidelines that are essential to be able to continue with the operation and that are part of our QMS (Quality Management System- P-08401 / IV / S / 11,12,13) ​​and that we must compulsorily comply with the Aerospace standard.

With this said, it is essential that the points listed and described below are understood, followed and as far as possible implemented by Your organization and are in some way established in your internal systems, we ask that you read each of these points and at the end in the Lower part include the requested data as well as your acceptance or rejection of them.

NOTE: Not all points apply to all suppliers, the underlined points are universal and all suppliers must comply with these, the others are 100% applicable to Aerospace Suppliers and must be complied with.

P-08401/IV/S/11. The need to:

  1. Implement a QMS, for example: a requirement statement that may include alignment of the QMS of external providers with recognized external standard (s), requirement to maintain relevant approvals / certifications, etc.
  2. Use external suppliers designated or approved by the client, for example: the statement of requirements related to the external provision of processes (including special processes), products and services of approved suppliers, including fluids by the client's organization as required applicable.
  3. Notification of non-conforming processes, products and services and obtaining approval for their disposal, for example: the statement of requirements regarding the control of non-conforming products that may include process requirements, control arrangements, required documented information, method of reporting, responsibilities and authorities (including delegation, if applicable), implementation of disposition, marking of non-conformance (for example, grant numbers if applicable), etc.
  4. Prevent the use of counterfeit parts, for example: he statement of requirements that may include the need to carry out a risk assessment, the use of approved external suppliers, verification and testing methodologies, prevent re-entry into the supply chain provision (detection, segregation, quarantine, containment, disposal, etc.), event notification, obsolescence management, etc.
  5. Notify changes in processes, products, services, including source / location change, for example: statement regarding what constitutes change (including source and method changes) and requirements for control, reporting, obtaining approval, acting on the organizations response, and maintaining process / product / service configuration as appropriate.
  6. Requirements flow, for example: specific requirements required by the organization's organization or customer (as required), such as maintenance of approvals, use of approved external providers, verification requirements, notification requirements, reporting requirements, etc.
  7. Provide test samples for design approval, inspection / verification, investigation or audit, for example: statement of requirement for the supply of test samples / parts / artifacts, including type, identification, configuration, supporting documented information, release conditions, etc.
  8. Retention of documented information , including retention periods and disposition requirements, for example: the statement of requirements related to the control of records that may include, type, means of security, backup, archive, storage, protection , preservation, access, recovery, retention periods, elimination, return to the organization, security, data protection (electronic documented information), etc.

P-08401/IV/S/12. The right of access:

   for example: acceptance of the organizations right of access to external providers to attend meetings, conduct performance reviews, review work in progress, conduct research, resolve issues, conduct conduct 2nd party audits, support improvement activity, delivery of training, etc.

P-08401/IV/S/13. Make sure people are aware of:

  1. Your contribution to the conformity of products / services, for example: individual responsibility, understanding of requirements, compliance to process, the need to control changes, notification of non- conformity, etc.
  2. Your contribution to product safety, for example: individual responsibility, compliance to process, attention to detail, knowledge of the end use of the product, the potential impact of product problems.
  3. The importance of ethical behavior, for example: the values ​​of the organization, the code of conduct, labor relations between management and employees, fair treatment, recognition of employees' work, confidential mechanisms of filing complaints or reports, protection of anonymity, no-fault culture, etc.

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The information presented here is confidential and for internal use, the data presented will not be shared or used without verbal and / or written approval from the user. In case of NO acceptance, the Purchasing area will contact you.